Friends :)

Lifeline they are.
I damn sure tell that no person in the world exist without having a friend. I swear my 25 years of life is fulfilled through various emotions but friends hold the most of it! Though it may be kindergarden, may be your nursery, may be your primary school, may be your secondary school, may be your higher secondary school, may be your under graduate, may be your post graduate, may be your workplace, may be your resident, may be which phase of life, ‘you will experience friends’ and they hold special place in your hearts!
When left in school by our parents you cry and you see another soul who cries more than you.
When you get your progress cards, you weep and then you realise someone who is behind you.
When you buy a first bicycle to go school, you find some person to come along with you.
When you get some snacks from the canteen, there’s always someone who shares it.
When you open your lunch box, it’s like a magic-show(performed by a group of people) and suddenly everything in the box disappears in a matter of seconds.
When you feel that you are the one who doesn’t finish your assignment, later realise some person accompany you.
When you don’t know a answer in exam, someone helps you out.
When you feel love, you first tell to someone that you are attracted by a girl.
When you experience heartbreak, you have someone to back you up.
When you are ragged, bullied you seriously find some people at your side supporting you.
When you are good at something, you find someone who encourage you.
When you are bad at something, someone tells you upright that you are bad.
When you hangout, you have some companion.
When you don’t know something in your studies some people who teach you.
When you play crazy, you find some other with the same disorder.
When you are in excess joy, you share them with some people.
When you are in deep sorrow, you tend to share them with some people.
I know celebrating them for one day isn’t enough.
‘Like parts of a body, they are!’
I wish you all happy friendship day! As usual,இனிய நண்பர்கள் தின நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!
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